They may not pack as much bad-ass-cred as the revered Komodo Dragon of Indonesia or the creepy Gila Monster of the USA, the Water Monitor of South Asia or the Kabaragoya as popularly known among the Sri Lankan locals must surely be in the reckoning for induction into the League of Badassdom. I for one... Continue Reading →


Jaffna Calling [Part 02/02]

continued from [Part 01/02] [DAY 02] This was easily one of our most anticipated mornings in a long, long time. The breakfast leg of the Jaffna curry night is successfully concluded, aptly with some milk tea laced with rush inducing proportions of sugar, pretty much how tea is done in Sri Lanka. We chatted around... Continue Reading →

Jaffna Calling [Part 01/02]

Jaffna, or Yaalpanam/Yapanaya as it is known in Tamil/Sinhalese had for the longest time been a pseudo-mythical land. This rings especially true for most of my generation, those born in the 80’s, 90’s and thereabouts. It is a part of Sri Lanka that most of us never really saw or travelled to, gathering what morsels... Continue Reading →

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